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7 Reasons Why Reading Is Fun And Makes You Happy?

You must have heard so many times, your parents your teachers telling you to read. It will improve your reading skills and communication as well, But at that time you must have found it very boring. Even today you must have listened many people saying How Reading is fun and will help you to become successful and how successful people also love reading. And how reading books made their life so much successful and happy, yes everything you have heard so far is True, Reading is fun and really very beneficial.

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Reading not only improves your communication or reading skills but also improves your personality. Reading makes you understand The importance of self-belief, improves your life quality and makes you a better person, not only this Reading makes you look more attractive and sexy as well, Reading transform your journey from unknown to known. Reading not only makes you great but it also makes you different and better than everyone else.

Today I will share few points, which will prove, that yes reading is fun, it will not only helps you to improve your life but also makes you look attractive and sexy.

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1. Knowledge

You all must agree to this, that knowledge pays the best interest, hence through reading, you will gain knowledge about various things and about various fields, and learning and gaining knowledge is never out of fashion it will for sure help you in your life and also make you look more smart and intelligent.

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2. Smart is sexy

Sapiosexuals would agree to this point, that nothing in this world can be sexier than intelligence, sapiosexual means a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others, and there are various people who find intelligent people more attractive, they would love to be in touch with such smart and intelligent people.

And Reading helps you to become intelligent, through reading you will able to gain knowledge, Your bond with Intelligent and knowledgeable person will be much deeper, conversation with them will be more fun and energetic, Talking to a reader you will notice that you will learn something new from them, something new about this life and world, hence smart is sexy and reading helps you to become smart=sexy.

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3. Bookshelf describe your character

There is a saying, if you want to know a person more, do watch out his/her bookshelf and the choice of books they read, Intelligent people and people who have goals in their life and those who are passionate about their life and want to achieve something big, you will always find self-help books and books related to knowledge and intelligence, books of famous author and mentors, many successful people such as bill gates, warren buffet, they all are lovers of books, and their bookshelf is full of intelligent and knowledgeable books.

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4. Expands conversation/topic for discussion

Through reading your communication improves your knowledge increases, your creativity expands and your personality improves, all these factors are really very important for your confidence and when you gain confidence you can talk to anyone at any point of time, you will have various topic in your mind to discuss about, and you can expand your conversation with someone by picking any topic because you will have knowledge about that particular thing.

And people will also feel comfortable talking to you because of your confidence and the way you make them feel, people will like to hear you because of the creativity which has improved with the help of reading books.

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5. Calm peaceful mind

Through reading, you learn to tackle problems smoothly and calmly, and you can handle almost every situation because through mentors you learn how to handle problems and how to move ahead in life without getting frustrated.

People with the cool mind are very much attractive, they know how to stay calm even in the worst scenario, they never get hyper they look out for the ways and solution, they don’t sit and crib.

I ask you “ you will like a person who always talk negative and crib about every situation or you will like the person, who handles every situation nicely and always look out for a positive solution, not sit and just crib about life.

Which person would you like, obviously a person who knows how to handle the situation, Reading helps you to learn through mentors and also helps you to look things into a different perspective.

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6. Empathy /humanity

In this busy hectic world, no one has time for themselves, how will they able to understand or even listen the problems of others, my personal experience through reading books I have learned to be a good listener, in this hectic world people want someone to listen to them, to understand them and if you able to become that good listener you will become attractive and a humble person too. Hence try to understand empathy and humanity, don’t forget Humanity comes first and when you have that humanity in you, you not only become a nice or an attractive person but you also become a brave person.

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7. Reading makes you attractive

Through books, you learn to understand people, you learn to stay calm, you become intelligent and smart, you improve your communication and vocabulary, increase your confidence level, you learn from mentors how to deal with problems and obstacles and move towards the journey of success, and your imagination creativity also expands reading gives you analytical thinking and improves your thinking level,.

And improves your whole personality and your quality of life, and when you have it all, when you are good in everything, you will not only become attractive and sexy but you also become different and better than others.

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I would highly recommend you to read books on a daily basis and make it your habit, and you will see how useful and beneficial it is and how it will change your life and move you ahead in life, my YouTube channel is based on books, so if you want to gain knowledge through great mentors and from their useful books, so go on my YouTube channel.

Thank you and do comment your views, how reading helped you in your life, and do you find readers attractive?

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  1. Books changed my life. changed my perspective of facing any problem..always influenced me and give so much of motivation..

    Really, a bookworm knows the exact happiness and advantages of reading books in life.

  2. After the subscription of the seeken channel i got alot of encouragement to read books and it is very wonderful blog i wait every day for your blog with alot of excitement have shown me how can i get success through reading books now i am fond of reading helps me alot in various way..because of you i spend my most of the time in reading whether I’m traveling somewhere or i am on the vaction…actually i got the key of success..because i know
    the habit of reading books will reach me where i want to go..thank you much seeken you have changed my life.. Keep doing it..

  3. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great. I do not know who you are but definitely you’re going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

  4. It’s very prudent to read and reading extensively for intellectual growth. A person who refuses to read is as good as a one who’s already on a death roll.