Control Anger In 5 Easy Ways – Handle Negative Emotion

how To Control Anger

Having a Bad Temper is very common Now a days, People can get hyper or can lose Their Temper very easily and quickly, In today’s hectic Life we are so much frustrated and irritated that at any moment we start fighting whether at home, outside while travelling or at job place anywhere, we have become so short tempered that even a small situation seems very big to us, and we feel that it cannot be avoided unless we don’t fight and don’t get angry. But we forget that this negative uncontrollable emotion is bad for us, for our health and as well as for our relationships.

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A very common example for this is Social Media Platform, where just a comment can offend us, and we start fighting to those whom we don’t even know, this anger is making us negative making our life bad and is destroying our inner peace, We all must understand this Fact That Anger is just an Emotion which needs to be handled carefully and positively, if not handled positively it can be very dangerous and Regretful.

Hence today I will share some tips to handle our Negative emotion positively and Control Anger:

1. Exercise/Mediation

This is the best and the simplest way to keep our mind calm and Relaxed, Anger arises in us, due to frustration and stress, if we are stressed, for every small situation our reaction becomes wild and aggressive, hence Exercise and Yoga can help your brain to get calm and Stress free, doing this daily can be very Beneficial for you, and calm mind can avoid negativity, Hence do make it your daily habit, it will make your entire day peaceful and energetic.

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2. Take a Walk

When you are in a negative situation and you realize that you can lose your temper at any moment, and that situation can become worst for you and for others, then give yourself a break and go out take a long walk, I know you might find it funny or weird, but do follow this tip, I am sure it will help, Because after a negative argument your brain doesn’t want to see that environment or person again at least not for that moment or that point of time. And to be around them can create a lot of mess and can also spoil your inner peace

Hence when you go away from that negative situation or from the person you are having an argument, Your mind becomes relaxed and your inner peace doesn’t get spoiled and walk is the best way to refresh your mind with positive thoughts, As you walk your mind starts relaxing and calms down and you will realize that your frustration level and the impact of negativity in you has vanished and gone.

And return home or in front of the person you had an argument only when your mind has become calm relaxed and you are in a positive state.

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3. Analyze the situation and identify your feeling

Think before you speak, When you feel like talking or feeling like raising your point in the moment of argument, think and then say, Think analyze that how your word can impact the situation, will it make that situation better or will it be a big mess, The very important thing we must learn is The way we talk and the words we choose to speak, To make someone understand your point your choice of words must be correct and your way of making them understand it must be polite and humble.

An Angry explanation can never resolve an angry argument; hence try to analyze the situation,

And Try to understand your feelings, your emotions and The situation which makes you angry, you need to identify the reasons which makes you angry and which makes you hyper frustrated for example; You get Angry when your family do compare you with others, or get angry when your loved ones don’t appreciate you, or you get angry when your family or friends doesn’t listen to you

You need to know the Reason and when you know the reason it will become easy for you to analyze the situation and will become easy for you to control it.

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4. Talk as you get calm

This point is somewhat connected to the Previous Point, here you need to understand That, in anger you can say a lot of things, about which you can regret later, hence you need to stop yourself and your mind to say anything at the moment of anger, for this as I said you can take a walk or can do a breathing exercise, breathe in breathe out or can close your eyes and can think positive about the person you are going to fight or going to have an argument with.

Try to change that negative thoughts to positive thoughts, For example, If you are arguing with your parents or siblings try to remember the time you all had so much fun, try to remember your life without them, try to remember how much they love you, try to understand why are they stopping you do something and if you are at job place or outside and was about to face any argument remember what can be the outcome of that, is that fight worth more than your life and time.

Talk only when you are not angry and in the state where you can explain calmly, politely reason “what made you so angry” and trust me this will make opposite person understand their mistake without creating any mess in your relationship and without ruining the environment.

I know it can be very challenging but it’s not impossible, as it says “CONTROL YOUR MIND BEFORE IT STARTS CONTROLLING YOU.” And trust me you can control your feelings, emotions and mind too.

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5. ONE Minute Anger = 1000 Regrets

This is the most important point we must keep in mind, as it says “A MOMENT OF PATIENCE IN A MOMENT OF ANGER PREVENTS A THOUSAND MOMENTS OF REGRET.” –Ali IbnTalib.

In anger we say a lot of things which we didn’t even think or feel about the opposite person, we just say whatever comes into our mind, and later as we get calm down, we regret a lot, and This gives us stress, makes us feel irritated and frustrated and we feel guilty about it and many times we don’t feel like smiling, eating and even find hard to sleep at night, Hence overall it not only affects the other person but it affects you as well, It will ruin your health and destroy your relationship,

Sometimes in Anger, you lose people to whom you love a lot and never want to be away from them, hence start controlling your anger, before your anger starts controlling you.

And make your loved ones understand your emotions but in a positive way, make them understand your love and tell them HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM, BY CONTROLLING YOUR ANGER AND HANDLING THAT SITUATION POSITIVELY.

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Do share your story, any situation where you have handled your anger nicely and it helped you to solve that situation without creating a mess and a situation where you failed to handle your anger and that small situation become worst.

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